Release cleanup question

I came across this album:

My question is… in the process of editing I found some issues with the data on the release. There are multiple “version” discrepancies and I found that disc 1 track 7 is marked in MB as live, my copy does not sound live and is marked LP version. Track 8 is also marked live, where again my version does not sound live and is marked LP Version. I did not go too far into it before asking here, so there may be more issues of the same.

So, how can I check on this information? Although the recordings on my release do not sound live, it is entirely possible that they are in fact live. I do not hear any signs of live like crowd noise or even the sound engineer feed if it may have been pulled from his feed, etc. Also, track 7 in MB is titled “single version” whereas mine is LP version.

You can get the idea of my question(s) here. What is the proper way to proceed on this, if at all? Based on current/previous conversations here, I am almost wondering if this all might be acceptable here. I am asking however because to me it is not.

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The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have the same release and not a separate release from the same release group.

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Personally with puzzles like this I dig through the various releases here at MB and then go and compare the releases on Discogs. See what the average is over there.

In this case, I look at the artwork. Check the back of the case listing - and I see nothing about live. But go read the booklet. It calls it a “live performance at Paisley Park 27th January 1992”

Booklet here:


Just a quick remark without research yet:
Purple Rain, even on the LP, has always been that live take (I guess there can be some overdubs).
It is most likely correct.
I don’t know for track 7.

It is the same release, matched to track listing, back cover, catalog number and barcode. It needed extra looking as there are some with duplicate catalog and barcodes, etc.

On Purple Rain… the original record was in fact live, yes, but on the release it is not, at least to me. There was overdubbing, things added, things removed, prior to it going on the releases. That makes the recording itself no longer live.

See my response to jesus2099. Yes, it was originally recorded from a live performance. But the resulting recording used was modified. There was 3+ minutes removed and pieces added to it, including performers that were not at the live performance.

I am aware of the details on the recordings, but I do not know every release there is to see. Due to this, the issue becomes the many releases these recordings are used on and which of those releases supplied the data on the recordings that are used here. I could add my release accurately, but the issue is that these other release are supposed to be the “same”, but the versions used are conflicting on what they are called. Time cannot be used much as many of these are edits where the resulting different recordings are seconds within each other.

I agree it might not be the pure live recording but this 8:4x recording is the same as album, that has always marked this song as live.
I don’t think it contains more overdubbing than most live albums.
I have the linked edition of the compilation as well as an edition of the original album.
I can compare someday but I don’t remember huge difference such as a 3 minute difference nor anything like that. :slight_smile:

The actual live recording is 11+ minutes in length. This is 8+ minutes in length, I do not have the actual times handy. You are correct on the other part though, this is the same version that was released on the other releases, still not considered a “live” recording though. If you are saying that as long as part of a song is recorded live that it is considered a live recording, then it is all good.

What I am trying to do, to be more clear, is to find out why there is difference between my listing and the listing here. My listing is confirmed with Rhino/Warner’s listing of what they put on the release. So for me, my listing is correct. MB could be different though, thus I would like to verify the data here and see why there is a difference. Maybe it is all ok, but maybe there are some mixed versions or edits that need correcting. I believe there are AC issues too, but again, with MB the proper ACs are not used in favor of what is printed on the release, so we will differ there.

The release I come with is complete with all artwork, full track listing (meaning full titles), ISRCs and all corresponding data. So I need to make sure that data matches up to the MB versions of it. Hope that all makes sense on what I am looking to do. If it is too much trouble, I will just skip it.

So what does the booklet say with your copy? The artwork with the discogs version is very clear in that booklet as to where the tracks are from. Even down to explaining about the different edited versions you describe.

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I have the same booklet and used it to help ensure I had the right release… as I mentioned, there are some duplication of catalog and barcode. I have looked over all this in addition to verifying associations with ISRCs, and it left me with the question posed here. As strange as it might sound, the responses have answered my question, I will just leave it as is here.