Release artists vs Recording artists : Is that best practice?


Once again I’ll ask for best practice advice.

I edited this release and recording according what I know from the band and the official Scorpions website about the album:

For this particular album, it’s known that, in example:

  • Uli John Roth was the singer on “Sun in my Hand” and “Dark Lady” => set at recording level, and at release level as “lead vocals”
  • Uli John Roth, Rudolf Schenker and Francis Bucholz performed backing vocals, but we don’t know on witch track => set at release level only
  • Achim Kirschning played keyboards, but we don’t know on witch track => set at release level too
  • Rudy Lenners played drums on all songs => set at both recording level and release level

So the question is simple: is this the correct way to link artists?


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I stand to be corrected, but I think that if you have it entered at the recording level, you don’t need to repeat it at the release level. I think the rule of thumb is that you put the relationship at the most precise level known.


@rdswift, that’s clear as crystal.

Seems I have some clean-up to do then :wink:


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