Relationships between portals


I have never edited bookbrainz before. And I still consider myself new to musicbrainz but have enough experience that I can start to branch out.

I have two situations that I would like to ask about before I do anything -

  1. On MB, there is a musician. His son is an author. If I add his book to BB, can I use relationships (father/son) to connect the two the same as I would if they were both on MB?

  2. On MB, there is a musician. He is also an author. Do I create a new entry for him on BB?
    If yes, how do I link the two entries for the same person?
    If no, how do I transfer the entry from MB into BB?


I know part of this! In MusicBrainz, you can add a BookBrainz link to an artist.

… for all the BookBrainz part, I haven’t played enough with it yet, so I’ll leave you in the safe hands of the BB team.


Great question! Seeing as @reosarevok has already covered the MusicBrainz part of how to do this, I’ll only explain the BookBrainz one.

For your second example just create a new Creator on BookBrainz and add an identifier of type “MusicBrainz Artist ID” with the artist’s MBID.
That ID is the unique combination of letters and numbers, separated by hyphens, behind “/artist/” in the URL of the artist’s MusicBrainz page, e.g. “8e494408-8620-4c6a-82c2-c2ca4a1e4f12” for Lorde.

Your first question is a bit more difficult as we haven’t worked out notability requirements for adding Creators that didn’t create any written publications but are required as intermediaries or to link to MB.
In this example with the musician being closely related to the author I think adding a Creator is justified though.


He literally created the author! :wink: