Reissued CDs

Should we put them in as a different release (as they do have different barcodes/catalogue numbers) or should we just add the new barcode/catalogue number to the existing CD entry?

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Because of the different barcode it is a new release (in the same release group).


It is not actually possible to add two barcodes to one release.

Any little visible difference causes a new Release. Even a change of price code on a rear cover is a new Release.

A different manufacturer also causes a new release (i.e. EMI UDEN vs EMI SWINDON). Though most variations of IFPI numbers in the inner ring are going to be the same release.

Just post and ask in the forum and someone will always dive in and help where to put it. Matrix details can get a little geeky when you are not used to them. We are all here keen to share the knowledge. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice everyone! I went ahead and added re-issues as different releases as Iā€™m finding them.