Regarding album titles

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I often see album titles that are not the same as on the album artwork. Theyre either completely wrong, missarranged or theyre missing symbols (- = + / ect), particles (the, an a) or whole words even. this is usually on online stores. my question is: should i follow the album cover or use the title as the store specifies? I couldn’t find anything in the guideline regarding this issue

also regarding capitalisation. if a webstore has the title in all caps but the album cover doesnt. which do i use?

some examples missing one / album title is in korean, not in english as it is on the album cover
album cover:HELLOVENUS X Devine Channel : Part2, Paradise
webstore: HELLOVENUS X DEVINE CHANNEL Part.2 : Paradise


Neither of them, use MusicBrainz’ titles capitalization standards, except if it is artist’s intent.


If you are editing a physical release, you should follow the physical release artwork, most often you will reproduce what the main spine text shows.


Online stores often have the worst titles, clearly entered by some minimum wage employee whose job it is to put 20,000 releases on the database before lunchtime.

So I often change online sources to something useful/useable/consistent. Not every time, but often.
I do feel bad about it when I do it though.

I’m not sure if we have a guideline applicable to this though. More of an unwritten guideline of “online storefronts have shit data”. I think a rule like “always match cover art” would probably become problematic in some cases.


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The cover art may also be part of the sh*t data, so I wouldn’t completely trust that either, at least not from Amazon, etc.