Reducing the number of open pull requests

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Hey guys,

as much as it saddens me to say this, but the list of open pull requests for Picard is simply no longer fun to look at - of the 18 open ones, only 4 are left in my list of ones that are not tagged as decision/update required or needs more work (3 if you consider the last comment on 399) and most of the 14 other ones are either from 2015 or even 2014! At least for me this only makes me not look at them at all anymore.
I don’t think there’s anyone to blame for it, we all have a real life and other important things taking our time, but still, at some point we should decide what to do with those pull requests. Last year I already closed some open pull requests without activity for a long time, if there’s no opposition, I’d like to just do this again for all that are tagged Update Required or Needs more work. For the ones tagged Decision required (including #221), I don’t know, maybe we can do a simple round of yay or nay considering the current state of the pull request.

Is that okay with you guys?


Ok for me, even closing. That list really makes me sad, but unfortunately even diving into one of the more complex pull requests there takes more time than I have currently available, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

There is a lot on the list I would like to see finished, but it doesn’t help keeping the PRs open and the code getting stale. But maybe the PRs can be labeled something, like unfinished, to make it easier to find them again to take up the work.

Regarding my own pull requests there are only two, and I would really like to have “Removable tags” fixed, as it would fix an important shortcoming in current Picard.

But given the fact I haven’t managed to do this for over a year now is not a good sign. So if somebody wants to take on where I left feel free to do so.

IMHO, if the PRs aren’t in a state where they can be merged and they haven’t had any activity in a while - just close them. The code will still live in the repositories, so their authors (or other people) can always come back and continue the work on them and either request to have the PRs reopened, or just open new ones.

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Ok for me, i don’t have time to work on Picard those days.

I’d say it’s fine to close any PRs tagged “decision/update required” or “needs more work” that haven’t seen any activity within 3 months or so. Perhaps tell the contributor it’s going to be closed and give them a few days to respond on if they still plan to update it.