Recording with incredibly long title

I was curious about the longest titled recording, and I found this:

It looks like someone mistakingly joined up all the A-side track listings into one track listing (same for B side).

Is there any easy way to fix this?

I would just make new recordings and recycle this recording as one of them, probably the first. It always pays to look at the edit history to see why it is entered this way. In this case, the original editor thought it should have been one track because vinyl doesn’t really “do” tracks (there may be a short pause between tracks but it is one groove of course). But I think that’s nonsense and the cover art does make a distinction, so it should be 32 tracks not 1.


I used to do this for some things (like “Work 1 / Work 2” Works that have been autocreated from the old system and “Artist 1 & Artist 2” from before Artist Credits), but I’ve come to see that this is not a good approach, as the current MBID represents both, say, “Work 1” and “Work 2”, and making it represent just one of these will be wrong in systems that may have the old MBID. (What we need is a way to return that the one old MBID now corresponds to one of multiple (2 or more) MBIDs.)

In that same vein, this Recording should probably just be deleted, since it doesn’t represent any single one of those Recordings that will be created once the Release’s track list has been split. :cry:


The advantage of keeping one recording is that people who follow the old link will at least be able to find the correct release pretty easily. Though of course that’s only useful for people doing manual lookups, it will probably be quite useless for automated systems.

It would be better if the MBID would refer to all new works as you say, but that’s not possible yet.