Recording Tracks that combine work movement

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In this recording, tracks combine multiple work movements into 1 recording or even split a work into more recordings that there are movements. How do I handle this when adding work relationship ?

If the recording consists of more than one work played back to back:

  • Link all relevant works to the recording
  • Set “these relations have a specific ordering” (I think you can only do this from the “Edit” button on the recording itself, not from the relationship editor for the release) and arrange them into playback order.

If the recording is not the complete work (such as the case where it is split across two recordings) then simply check the “partial” attribute when adding the performance relation.


I have linked the 2 movements to 1 recording (track 1) and added partial as well.
Did not find the “these relations have a specific ordering” functionality.

As far as I know you have to edit the recording directly to get this. The titles in the release tracklist link to the recording entities. So starting with the recording for track 1, you can select “Edit” and then in the relationships section you will find the “these relationships have a specific ordering” checkbox as well as up/down buttons next to each work to re-order them.


Ok got it, I was trying to edit the tracks when editing the release. Got the order specified.