Recording of listens from Spotify doesn't work (for me)

I’m in the process of moving from to Listenbrainz, now that features like the history, reports, charts or recommendations are gradually being added.

I have connected my Spotify account. I can play Spotify songs via the Listenbrainz webpage. I can see the song that is currently played in Spotify.

But scrobbling the song from Spotify does not work. I don’t see the songs that were recently played in Spotify.

Note: The login email of Musicbrainz/Listenbrainz and Spotify are different.

What do I have to do to get the tracks scrobbled from Spotify?
Scrobbling via Poweramp → Simple Scrobbler → Listenbrainz does work.

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Strange. After about one hour some of the tracks appear. But they are not complete.