Recording join phrase: "and" or "&"?

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Case and discussion.

I have changed all the “and” to “&”:
Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori
Martin O’Donnell & Michael Salvatori

One editor disagrees preferring the way it is typed on the front cover.
I prefer it to be in line with Musicbrainz’s join phrase equivalent.

Which should it be?


See Style/Artist credits


I tend to go for & unless something else is specified in the source material. Though with something like A & B and C & D, I would use “and” to join it to differentiate from the artist’s ampersand.


A further clarification of my position: When joining two artists I will use an ampersand, but for duos I will go with whatever the duo themselves favor. So we may have the duo A and B, but when joining C with D I will use C & D.

For C & D the exception would be if they used a very special joining e.g. C//D or some such.


I don’t get it why you would not follow prints for this one… :confused:


When it’s joining in the editor I just tend to use “&”. But with duos, which are artist names, I pay attention to how they credit themselves as a duo name because an artist name affects so much more than just a joined credit.