Recording Guideline - Hip Hop Instrumental

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I have a question concerning hip hop instrumentals. I want to add a release that inherits the instrumentals of the songs but i am not quite sure if i should add new recordings to them or use the recordings of the original songs. I find both versions plausible but also debatable so I wanted to know what the common practice is here. I couldn’t find anything in the guidelines so plpease help me out.

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EDIT : Addition! Should a featured artist be added to the instrumental song if he/she is on the original song? Technically the artist isn’t on there, so…

What do you call a hip hop instrumental, in your case?

  1. The melody is played by some instrument(s). There are no lyrics. That’s an instrumental.
  2. You take a normal hip hop recording and you remove the lead vocals from the mix. This is a karaoke.

Your case is instrumental type 1 or 2?

It sounds like you are describing the situation where each track on this release is a mix dropping the vocal subtrack(s). If so, then you should use different recordings, not the original recordings.

This is covered to varying degrees in the following 2 pages:

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See also Relationship Types / Recording-Recording / Karaoke for more information specifically about karaoke recordings.