Record with multiple works


If a record contains multiple works, it is possible to add all required relationships, but it is impossible to set the correct order of the works. Example:

Am I missing something, or is it not implemented? In the latter case, where could I post a proposal to developers?


I think it is not implemented

On; actually there already seem to be a ticket for your question: STYLE-588 Allow to order recording-work performance relationships


I was under the impression that this required code to fix. My impression was wrong! So as the style leader, I say :jlpicard: “make it so” :jlpicard:

Check again now! :slight_smile:


That’s so cool, @reosarevok. Not sure I have seen this AR sorting before, do we have any other relationship that makes use of this?


It was made for work parts :slight_smile: (so, “Symphony has movements 1, 2, 3” and the like) and has been available there for quite a while, but not really elsewhere.


I’d really like to see “single from compilation” relationship type sorted by release date of each single, but that is a RG-RG relationship. I swear I’ve seen a ticket for it somewhere…


That’s a different issue, since it shouldn’t be manual sorting I’d expect.


Thank you, works like a charm!


I am not sure if this is related, but now attributes (ie. live, cover, medley, etc) are no longer shown next to “recording of” in the relationship editor. On the page of a recording, “live recording of: Work X” is now shown as “recording of: Work X (live)”.


Yes, this broke the code. The devs know it and are hopefully working on a fix.