Record with multiple works

If a record contains multiple works, it is possible to add all required relationships, but it is impossible to set the correct order of the works. Example:

Am I missing something, or is it not implemented? In the latter case, where could I post a proposal to developers?


I think it is not implemented

On; actually there already seem to be a ticket for your question: STYLE-588 Allow to order recording-work performance relationships

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I was under the impression that this required code to fix. My impression was wrong! So as the style leader, I say :jlpicard: “make it so” :jlpicard:

Check again now! :slight_smile:


That’s so cool, @reosarevok. Not sure I have seen this AR sorting before, do we have any other relationship that makes use of this?

It was made for work parts :slight_smile: (so, “Symphony has movements 1, 2, 3” and the like) and has been available there for quite a while, but not really elsewhere.


I’d really like to see “single from compilation” relationship type sorted by release date of each single, but that is a RG-RG relationship. I swear I’ve seen a ticket for it somewhere…

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That’s a different issue, since it shouldn’t be manual sorting I’d expect.


Thank you, works like a charm!

I am not sure if this is related, but now attributes (ie. live, cover, medley, etc) are no longer shown next to “recording of” in the relationship editor. On the page of a recording, “live recording of: Work X” is now shown as “recording of: Work X (live)”.

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Yes, this broke the code. The devs know it and are hopefully working on a fix.


Reviving old thread: since some time it is possible to explicitly set an order of works linked to a recording. The explicit order is visible in “edit recording” mode, but it is not reflected when just displaying the work, or on a release level.


If you open the recording in edit mode, you see that linked works are ordered: first is the “Scene”, the second is “Archbishop’s Narrative”. But if you open the recording in a normal, non-edit mode, the order is just alphabetic: first “Archbishop’s Narrative”, than the “Scene” (the work names are in Russian, but in this case the alphabetical order is by chance the same as for English translations). The same wrong order if you open the release (, CD 43 track 4.

Any chances that the sort order may be respected in various views?

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This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore (maybe it was a cache issue): I’m seeing the order just fine there. The order is still wrong on the release display though :slight_smile:

I got it, you mean that they are in the right order in the section “recording of” where the numbers are displayed. You are right.

I was writing about the detailed references in the section “Related works” below (see the example screenshot). But I suppose it is OK since the right order is available in the “recording of” section.