Recently added ‘MusicBrainz Picard’ in my WIP project, Softorage

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Hi everyone!

I am working on an open source project named Softorage , which is basically a software directory. I recently added ‘Picard’ to the directory. Please feel free to have a look at Picard’s page on Softorage , and tell me what do you guys think!


You could also copy & paste the system requirements from

Could you explain what the intention of your directory is?

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I would not really recommend this, as those requirements are partially very specific to the MS app store. E.g. the minimum Windows version there is specific to the package provided by the store and is related only to the packaging. Picard itself runs on older versions, including Windows 8 and even Windows 7 (with service packs and additional updates installed).


Source? :innocent: :face_with_monocle: :wink:

I do the testing for the Windows releases and setup a large part of the current build process, including the packaging for the Windows store :wink: Having said this I must add that Windows 7 is not really supported anymore. Newer versions of Picard could stop working on Windows 7 at any time.


@InvisibleMan78 , thanks for the reply.

There are available websites that provide software downloads and earn by bundling adware/malware in software packages. Seeing that made me think, what if there was a software directory that would provide not downloads but links that point to official software’s download page. And, Softorage was born. Check out this page for more on it :wink:.

@outsidecontext thanks for the clarification! In fact I saw that websites like also have system requirements of various software. I prefer not to go by such details provided by sites not related or endorsed by official software community :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.