Reba Stronger then the truth release conflict

Hi so all i wanted to do was include the nonstandard edition physical release in the main group here

instead it seems to have made another group and is now here

can someone more experienced then myself help resolve this issue for me thanks in advance

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Done. I moved your new release to the release group that was already existing, and will merge the new release group that you created into the previously existing release group.

The reason it created a new release group is because this is the default action when adding a release. What you need to do in the future when adding a release, is click on the release group lookup icon and select the existing release group (to turn the input box green).

Thanks for adding the information to the database.


The other way to do it is to go to the release group and click “Add release”.


Agreed, but that won’t help if the OP is using one of the many available import scripts to create the release record.

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@rdswift Thank you so I assume the section that is now empty will also be deleted soon ?

Yes. It will either be deleted automatically because it is an empty record, or it will be merged into the existing release group. If it happens because it is deleted, that should happen within a day or two. If it disappears because of a merge, then it could take as long as a week. In either case, it will be gone.