Re-tag without losing current cover art?


i’ve tried everything, but keep doesn’t work with artwork. whatever i do, it gets wiped out. any other thoughts?


I may have missed it in the earlier discussion, but if the existing cover shows at the lower right corner, you should be able to right click on it and select the option to keep the existing cover art. I believe that you will need to do this with each album processed.


I presume you deselected ‘clear all tags’ before using keep.


that’s the point of this feature request / bug fix.

i’d like to enable “clear tags”, but “preserve cover art”. the keep function allows me to keep all tags, but not coverart.

as rdswift points out, i can do it manually, but that’s not efficient. what’s missing is a setting to “preserve coverart” or a way how the keep function enables this. and/or a way to allow me to “existing tags” in the list of tags to use (besides amazon, archive, local tags, etc).

besides the mp4 issues, this for me is the major shortcoming of picard versus jaikoz and prevents me from retagging my library.


May I ask why you need “Clear tags”, then? I’ve never understood that option unless someone has horribly mangled their files, and it sounds like you have them mostly as you want them, if out of date.


I like my tags to be clean and many of my old MP3s have horrible tags (comments, bit rates, mbz things, compilation tags, etc). i know i could technically just ignore them and not other. but don’t we all use picard because we like our tags nice and tidy? :wink:


also, even if i disable “clear tags”, picard still replaces my coverart with new coverart. there is no option to “keep/protect” it or to have local tags as one option in the priority list for coverart.