Rdswift Naming script is moving everything to [Classical] section

Using the excellent rdswift Naming script which does everything I need . . . . I have processed hundreds of files, but now I have a problem that just recently started on my past few albums, and I don’t know why:

Files are being moved to album folders located in [Classical] instead of the normal “~ J ~”, “~ P ~” folders, when they are not classical (say Folk, or Rock).

I’ve reinstalled Picard 2.5.6 and placed a fresh copy of the rdswift namescript, but it still happens!

Not even sure how to diagnose the issue!

I think I installed ‘‘Classical Extras’’ or some other plug-ins, but I turned them off and reinstalled Picard. Is there a way to step through the processing of the script to see what is happening?

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Check to see if you have a tagging script that is setting a variable called _isClassical. If so, disable it and see if that takes care of the issue.

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Thank you – I will check. For now, I’m having trouble with my MusicBrainz Picard hanging (freezing) when opening the “Options” (preferences) window so it looks like I have two problems to solve.