Random crash reports

I do have this same errors, the picard keeps craching by even a very few songs (<10) So if i have had just one cent for each time it have had crached the last couple of days I have got this installed… well I wouldn’t have to work any further this year

Running on kernel 4.13.0-36-generic

When dos this happen, on almost all cover downloads, even if i disable them all and setting it to only use local images.

Running on wait for it, have to reload the app 3 times for this info… version 1.4.2

When you are experiencing crashes, please report them with following details:

  • system used
  • way to reproduce
  • debug log
  • exact conditions leading to the crash, and full console output if any

It is very hard to fix an issue without those informations, a way to reproduce it helps a lot.

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I Have the same problem, so I get back to version 1.31 till this bug get fixed.
I Will try to genarate a log and export the exctly condition.
Thank you.