R-R relationship, recording in a broadcast release

Simple question I suppose. So say there is a podcast which contains an edit of a recording. How do I set up the relationship? I suppose I would use the R-R relationship type ‘edit’. This would output: Recording A is an edit of Recording B. But the podcast episode in it’s entirety (recording A) is not exactly an edit of recording B, it’s much more than that. It would be more appropriate to say recording A contains an edit of recording B. But this is not possible is it?

You are correct. If you have 30min podcast with some fella talkin, and 2 mins of that is listening to half of a track, then all you can do is link to the work of that recording. And link to an “edit of recording”. No way to say that it is only two mins of the whole.

I’d add notes in the annotation of the recordin to state a timestamp when the music starts and how long.