"R+R=NOW Live" or "Live" release group name

Hi all.

Would like some advice on the following release group: Release group “R+R=NOW Live” by R+R=NOW - MusicBrainz

Should the group name be changed to “Live” and the digital media release renamed? Or should it be left as “R+R=NOW Live” and the CD release renamed?

Discogs for reference lists as just “Live”: R+R=NOW - Live | Releases, Reviews, Credits | Discogs

Any particular reasons for or against?


I would ask - what is shown on the discography on R+R=NOW’s website? What appears in their shop? How do they refer to it?

Haha - I would ignore the iTunes names. They made a HUGE mess of the title by using “R+R=Now Live (Live) [feat. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Derrick Hodge, Taylor McFerrin & Justin Tyson]” They even managed to show two lives in there. :rofl:

We had one like this pop up with Hawkwind’s 50th Anniversary Live release. That made even more confusing as the spine, cover, booklet and website all differed in how the name was presented.

My vote - album is called “Live”. Especially if you follow the styling on the cover art compared with their other release.


Thanks for your advice Ivan. It looks like they refer to it as “R+R=NOW Live” on their website, store and Spotify. I’d prefer “Live” too, but I believe artist intent has to take precedence.



It can be a minefield. Expect the name to change constantly in edits in the future.

As an example, this Hawkwind album has already changed twice. Release “50 Live” by Hawkwind - MusicBrainz It is a good puzzle as holding the package in hand it is called: “Hawkwind 50 Live” on front cover, “Hawkwind Live” on spines, “Hawkwind 50” on the CDs. In the official online shop it is called “Hawkwind: 50th Anniversary Live, by Hawkwind” and “Hawkwind - 50th Anniversary Live” was printed on the receipt. Their own website goes to “50th Anniversary Live”.

There is no “correct” answer on puzzles like this. :rofl: