Quiet Time Tapes - naming scheme for label's releases

Quiet Time Tapes (or simply Quiet Time) is an imprint that releases music in a singular series within a specific motif/scheme. I think these releases could use a better naming pattern rather than simply copy-pasting catalogue numbers, but I’ll leave the decision to others.


  • “Quiet Time” for digital releases and “Quiet Time with ARTIST” for cassettes - the way it’s presented on the corresponding artworks
  • Consensus for all releases/all media, “Quiet Time”
  • Consensus for all releases/all media, “Quiet Time with ARTIST
  • Catalogue numbers - the way it’s written on label’s Bandcamp/Soundcloud

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Cassette packages include what seems to be a side subtitle; “One for You” for A-sides and “One for a Friend” for B-sides. At least some Discogs editors went with it (https://www.discogs.com/Solpara-Quiet-Time/release/10580806). Seems like a good idea.

I wrote “with” in lower case because it functions as a join phrase and in my opinion it shouldn’t be capitalized, just like extra title information isn’t. I could really use some clarification on that as well; I have a lot of releases in my library that contain extra titular join phrases, but I was never sure whether to capitalize them or not (examples: “Pyramids with Nadja”, “Rinse presents: Royal-T”, “Leftroom presents… Laura Jones”).


I wouldn’t count those medium titles if the two cassettes are identical. And that is what the Discogs page says.

Oh, right, it’s not indicating sides, just copies.