Quick way of displaying missing artwork?

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I have just installed this app and liking it so far!

Only thing I am looking for is a quick way to tell if an album has missing artwork? The only way I have found so far is to cycle through each album so is there a way picard can highlight missing art?

Thank you

to my knowledge there is not by default. im not sure if you can do it with with script

Ah, thanks for the reply, I was hoping to be able to use Picard to replace bliss as looking for automation without the sluggishness of bliss.


all good. you can get album art work from a few places that way if one doues not have some other place may (the album art work may not always be correct from other places tho) all you do is put you preferred source at the top in settings and have them ticked there are plugins in settings that you can use for more sources if you wont any screen shots to see how to do it just ask


Yes I got that bit working it is just when importing my library it will take an eternity to go through each album to check for artwork, I was just hoping there was either an automatic way or at least a way that it would let me know an album had missing artwork.

Appreciate your time!

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