Questions about visual appearances relationship

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Visual Appearances

This indicates that an artist appears on a music video, but doesn’t actually perform on the audio track.

Does that exclude only vocalists and instrumentalists or also e.g. producers?

What if the song is credited to a group and some members don’t perform, but still appear in the video?

What if an artist appears in a video and performs e.g. additional background vocals just for the video version of the song (but the audio is never released just as audio)?

Do only artists count that appear on newly recorded video material or also archive videos or even just pictures that appear in the video?

In the provided example, we do hear some girls counting in Japanese « 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 » over and over so they could be those Perfume indeed.
I don’t know the non‐video recording so I cannot tell if they are in the recording or not but the do are in the audio track of that video, starting from 1m48s.


They say an army of girls is counting.
So it’s not specifically Perfume.

If memory serves, the relationship was intended for individuals who aren’t normally associated with music or the artist/band performing the song, e.g. dancers.

I don’t think this scenario was ever considered: archive footage is a bit of a grey area, as is the same for relationships derived from audio samples in audio-only recordings.


Honestly, I’m not sure why this distinction is needed. It would seem to make sense that if an artist appears, we link it - I mean, not all artists do appear on their own videos.


I like the idea of expanding “visual appearance relationships” to cover art. E.g. artists, groups, places, area(?), events and instruments. Or tags for cover art. We get more and more cover art and it would be nice to search of those. So many possible ideas what to do with those appearances… to get a bigger picture of the “missing link” :slight_smile:


At one point I considered whether we should have a “cover model” relationship for artists who used a picture of someone other than the performing artist in their cover art. I held off because back in those days, visual relationships were considered beyond MB’s scope. So here we go.

MBS-4654 was made for that quite a while ago.