Questions about "pseudo-release" of non-Latin releases

I’ve found out about MusicBrainz only a few months ago. I’m working on populating MB with local releases I know of, as it’s very lacking.

Before I added some releases only in Latin transliteration, however, the releases are in Bengali so I’ve started adding releases in Bengali as “official” and the Latin transliteration as “pseudo”. That is the correct way, right? Even if the track list consists of titles in English like “Love”, etc?

I’ve also been adding edits to rename the recording and artists with its popular “transliterated” Latin names. I believe this helps with the internationalization, as non-Latin readers might not understand. Is it an acceptable approach?

About DiscID, can the same DiscID from the existing release be used on the pseudo release as well? Or primarily to move the DiscID to the “official” Bengali release?

One more thing, I noticed there are some existing releases that have duplicate entries which include the same tracks, same duration, and exact release date; the only difference is the mediums (CD & Digital Media), pretty sure Digital Media wasn’t a thing here in 2008 but I guess it’s for international but the country is also same in both releases. But my question is, is it really necessary? Or should they be merged?

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