Questions about adding songs from Music Shows

Hello, I am quite new to contributing, so I would like to make sure that my contributions are correct. Basically, I would like to add data related to a TV variety show. Sorry if the questions are stupid. The information are as follows:

  1. There are multiple seasons (“Our Song”)
  2. There are multiple episodes per season (“Our Song S1”, “Our Song S2”…)
  3. There are usually about 16 artists participating (competing) per season
  4. The tracks are performed live while recording, and later hosted on TV
  5. Some songs are a cover of the original, but most are rearranged


  1. Would the series be a work or a release group
  2. How should I organize songs from different seasons and episodes?
  3. If each episode is organized as an album, then would the album artist be various artists?
  4. Should the album be classified as soundtrack or live?
  5. Would the label field be required? If yes, what should it be?
  6. Should the songs be Song Name or Song Name (live) as credited on streaming services?
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Even re-arranged, they are the same works, covered by recordings that you can link to the arranger.


Series is a Release Group. The Recordings are live, cover performances of Works.

I would see one show as one episode as one release. Then add the songs\Recordings as tracks in that Release. (i.e. imagine one CD created per show)


Not soundtrack. More likely Broadcast, Live.

Maybe the channel? or company who owns the production? Not sure. What is the makers logo seen at the end of the show?

I’d leave the (live) out of the titles and just put that in the disambig. But maybe that is me trying to be tidy. Technically on the show running order it will just say “Song Name”.

As you are going to be creating a lot of new artists, I would put the show name into the (disambiguation) field of each artist. This is likely to be people with common names and low output.

Also look into making a MB Series of these. It would be your best way of linking the various shows. One series for Shows, another series for Seasons.

I don’t know the perfect answer for grouping these together as I have seen variations on a theme. Sometimes I have seen a Season set as a Release Group. More usual to see seen a single Episode as that release group.

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