Questioning if a blog post counts as an EP

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Hi all,

I have been going through the Atlas Sound releases one by one to confirm their existence and fill in missing information. One that doesn’t feel to me that it is a legitimate EP is Three Elegies in Sound.

You can see the blog post this was sources from here and then go to the September 5, 2007 posting:

You can see that they are three different songs with their own artwork for each. There is a theme and a blog post tying them together but this doesn’t look like enough to make it an EP to me.

Compare this to an EP Bradford Cox released a month later called the Brian Foote EP (August 4, 2007 post):

In my opinion Three Elegies in Sound should actually just be three singles. What do others think?

Okay, given that there hasn’t been any input otherwise on this, how would I go about splitting an EP into singles the proper way? My inclination would be just to make the singles and then remove the EP.

If the artist intent is for the tracks to be together, then I don’t see why it couldn’t be an EP. It depends on if you see the blog post itself as the ‘package’, or each download.

If you think it is wrong I would do as you suggest - create three singles (using the same recordings) and then remove the EP :slight_smile:

Other deerhunter fans can discuss and vote on your edits if they disagree, so go for it.

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