Question regarding whether something is worth being its own release

Alright: when something is released digitally for purchase, on say Bandcamp or through a label or something of that nature I understand that it would of course count as a digital media release and thus would warrant its own listing in a release group. But how about if the label uploads it for free to

Here is the release in question: First I will link the album’s release group page and then here is the archive upload.

As far as I can tell it’s effectively the same thing as the disc, and the page itself even has links to the CD release page on MB, but surely this would count as its own digital release, right? I don’t see why the label providing it for free would change that, but I’ve been wrong before and I will be again so I wanted to make sure before adding it to the database. It’s worth noting that the original release of the disc was in 2003, and these files appear to have been uploaded 7 years later in 2010, which I’d say is an important distinction. Also the associated cover art would be different.



I was thinking “not a new release”. Then you wrote the above.
This is by MB definition a new Release.

You did a good job presenting all the relevant facts.

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Even if everything was the same, a release should be made for each format (e.g. vinyl, CD, digital media). The website that the label releases it on doesn’t affect this.

So go for it :ok_hand:


That’s mostly what I figured but wanted to be sure. Thanks!

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