Question from a absolute beginner - two CD in one album

I inherit a lot of CDs with cologne carnival music and I am ripping them.
I am astonished, that MusicBrainz knows the most of them.
Some are left over to add. I added some, but now I have a simple problem:
The release is a box with three CDs. I added the first, but i find no way to add the two other CDs.

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and SoundJuicer witch opens MusicBrainz if it finds no data.
The box added by me is Sing doch eine met: Die Karnevals Megabox 2. CD 1 is in, how to add the two others like in the next Box Sing doch eine met: Die Karnevals-Megabox 3, which is not edited by me…


Go into the release you have just added and click on Add Medium. This now allows you to add the tracklist of the second and third CD.

Where does your track list come from? If hand typed, then just type it in.


Thank you for your fast answer. Where can i find “click on Add Medium”?
Im typing by hand, because its mostly Kölsch dialekt.

Bottom of the Track List page with the other buttons

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Thank you, that works. Second CD is in…


Nice work!! I’ve added a few things:

Status: Official (because this is a legit label release)
Script: Latin (because I can read it!)
Catalog number: 996-00444 (from Discogs)

I was just going to say maybe I should just add Language: German, but turns out we do have Kölsch in the list! Added as well.


Thanks for your help and the tipps.
Im just adding some other CD from the big heritage (Megajeck 13 - 22) and i will observe that.

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