Question about release naming



I’m a newbie here, sorry for doing anything wrong, but I’ve got a question about edit #43249040

Paul McCartney issued his LP “СНОВА В СССР” ([snova v es-es-es-er], “Back in the USSR”, “Снова в СССР” in lowercase) only in the USSR first, but lately it was reissued for the whole world. Here’s the problem: on some releases Paul McCartney’s name is spelled like “PAUL McCARTИЕЧ”, for stylization purpose obviously, but the name of the album was misspelled like “СНОВА Б СССР” ([snova b es-es-es-er], “Снова б СССР” in lowercase), with the wrong letter in the preposition (“Б” instead of “В”). Maybe it was done for the same stylization purposes, I don’t know, for the letters to seem “more Russian”, not like an English writing “Choba b CCCP”, but it IS a misprint without any doubt (I am Russian, I know it for sure).

Should this release be titled with its misprint in the musicbrainz database also? Or should it have the correct name, like it has on If it should, then shouldn’t Paul McCartney also has an alias PAUL McCARTИЕЧ for this particular release? :slight_smile:


I’d probably correct the typo - we correct typos in other languages all the time.


i think that “PAUL McCARTИЕЧ” should be an artist credit though (also noting that when alt-tracklistings become a thing™ we can do both these :​​))


Not too sure - that seems like one of those design decisions that we generally ignore (obviously the name is not supposed to be “Paul McCartiech”)


So did I, but my edit was voted down.


Here is the edit :wink: