Question about MusicBrainz Server Update


What does MusicBrainz Server Update mean?

Does this include tag fixes by admins and users?

Does it also contain new tags for previously undescribed songs?

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If you refer to such updates:

This updates primarily means updates to the Musicbrainz Server Software code itself.
This also includes fixed bugs, improvements and sometimes changes in functionality.

AFAIK tags are part of the data inside a MB server. This data is available too:
in the dump file mbdump-derived.tar.bz2


This is not directly related to Picard. It means that the software for the MusicBrainz web site and database behind it has been updated.

Most of these changes are either completely behind-the-scenes technical changes that make no difference to the web site functionality, or are changes to improve the usability of the web site. But occassionally there are changes to add new database fields - but these are normally backwards compatible for Picard so that existing versions of Picard still work, and perhaps they then lead to a Picard improvement to make use of these new fields.

The data about Releases and Tracks changes (literally) every day as volunteers add new releases or provide additional data for existing releases (i.e. the previously undescribed songs you refer to). These are nothing to do with Musicbrainz Server Updates.

If you want to give something back in return for having free access to this data and these tools, then please learn how to make “edits” to the MusicBrainz data and make such edits whenever you find that there is data you would like to see missing from the database.