Question about Eric Bogle release

Hi all

I have a question about this release:

See track 2 for example:

Intro. Now I’m Easy

should that not be: Now I’m Easy (intro)

If so I want to change the wrong Titles, but then i need 3 x yes for my edit :slight_smile:

Thank you


Yes, the “intro” on all of these is extra title information and should appear as you suggested. Seems like this got imported from Discogs without being updated to follow MB’s style guidelines.

(Just to mention it, the back cover and booklet tracklists don’t include the ETI, but I think it’s reasonable to include it since the booklet says “We have deliberately separated Eric’s introductions from his songs.”)

I suspect that the release and RG title should also be “At This Stage: The Live Collection”, since that looks like it’s functioning as a subtitle on the front cover, but others might disagree.


Ty Derat. Done :slight_smile: Have a nice day

Thanks @Tiske_Tisja!

FYI I have also moved your fixes to the recordings and the release group, e.g.




as well as some other track title changes based on the back cover, and changed CD 2 to match this style as well :slight_smile: