Punctuation Questions & Discussion

I always have exciting questions about punctuation, but they’re too small to start a thread for, so I just put standard keyboard punctuation and move on. No longer!

First one:

This feels wrong?

Punctuation experts, please, huddle together :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

edit: just remembered that these forums sometimes standardizes stuff. Swapped for pictures using the snipping tool + paste.
edit 2: this is the script I use to make changing punctuation feasible/worth bothering with at all
edit 3: references: musicbrainz style/miscellaneous | Yurim’s punctuation wiki page | Jacobbrett’s punctuation wiki guide

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Isn’t that example in the guidelines? Personally I just copy the ’ from “Don’t Know” on the Tracks page and paste that in when needed. It is such a minefield for those of us a normal keyboard.

I find it is madness. There are at least five different hyphens. I don’t have a clue and leave it to the experts.

Probably, but I couldn’t find it? All I could find was this page.

Check out the script I linked in the OP :heart_eyes:

For rock ’n roll, just follow the release itself for the number of apostrophes. So if it says rock n roll, use that, if it says rock ’n’ roll use two apostrophes etc.

Apostrophes are used to show that parts of a word are not written. N is short for and, so logically there should be an apostrophe before and an apostrophe after the n. N is not a quote, so it should never be rock ‘n’ roll.


it looks good to me. Which characters are strange?

Just having both curlys around the n like that, but @mfmeulenbelt has explained it very clearly and it makes sense.