Proposal to add reminders to the platform

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I think it would be very useful to have a reminders system for cases in which you don’t have time to finish editing a release (for example, adding advanced relationships) or when the cover art archive is busy, or when you need to do a minor edit (like adding diacritic marks) after another edit gets applied.

What do you think?


I generally use tags for this, and remove them when done (like to-add-relationships or something). A more dedicated system would be useful, but I get the feeling that it’s the kind of thing that won’t get worked on anytime soon since it’s not particularly simple to do and would mostly be useful to a relatively small amount of hardcore users.

I’m wondering whether @jesus2099 doesn’t have some sort of script for this though.


Tags are really great for this stuff, I leave myself reminders all the time: (the ones prefixed by a ‘_’)

(wow I got it down to three tags!!! what!)


@reosarevok I use tags also, no scripts. But then I often forget to treat them.
@aerozol good prefix idea!


I use a private collections for this kind of thing.
I have a “Needs works” collection that I can add tho a list and get back to it when I have time.