Proper (p) assignment

For release:

I have just added this version of the release. According to the metadata of this release, the § holder is Lo Recordings. According to the US version (just selecting another version), the § holder is listed as Arbutus Records. I was told prior that the © and § should go on the recordings and not the release, that may have been generally speaking thus I am asking. How is something like this done? If I add Lo, that will be correct for my release but incorrect for the other versions of the release using the same recordings.

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The same recordings could be ℗1995 ThisLabel on one release and ℗2005 ThatLabel on another.
Sometimes both on same release for rereleases.
The very same ear checked recordings then have multiple ℗ or even ISRC, like works can have multiple recordings or even ISWC.

The © can only be attached to release.


Thanks, that helps. So last question is do I place this info on the recordings (so each recording has 2 § holders), and no association to which is for which? Based on the ISRC conversation, I hope my reasoning for asking is inherent so no need to repeat. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I do not like how the forum changes my typing without my permission. The § you are reading should by a (, then p, then )… like the title shows. Apparently it knows what I intend to type better than I do :thinking:

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Looks like my phone has taken control of the Discourse character detector. Thong swill get wurst, bury hatchet be forest get bet on.