Proper Album Artist and Recording Artist Credits for Children's Music

Hello folks!

I’m a new editor, and I’ve been submitting edits over the past few weeks. Mostly, they’re centered around children’s music that I’ve accumulated through my daughter taking music classes. I’m confused about how to handle the “Kindermusik” releases, specifically.

There were two releases already in the MB database when I started, though both were set to [unknown] (Special Purpose Artist) and credited to Kindermusik. I read through the Style Guide and didn’t see a prohibition on adding a new artist to cover these releases, so I added a “Kindermusik” artist and a “Kindermusik” label to make it easier to group them.

Then, I added additional releases under that new artist and new label. I’ve submitted edits to an existing album (DewDrops -, but it’s been voted down by paulakreuzer referencing edit #59559282.

That edit by CyberSkull resulted in a 2-2 split, and failed by not reaching the minimum threshold.

I want to be consistent, but I’m not sure how to proceed. Either the “Kindermusik” artist should be removed and everything reset to [unknown], or the [unknown] SPA credit should be allowed to change to my newly-added artist.

If “Rockabye Baby” and “KidzBop” can be considered artists, why not “Kindermusik”?


Please forgive me, though it may offend you by a vague writing.

If it was published from this company, in my feeling the “Label” is good in “kindeumsik”.

But I feel skeptical about the “Artist”.

What about “London bridge”?

“London Bridge is Broken domain” is [unknown].
Of course, “Head, shoulders, Knees and toes” are also [unknown], right?

So what if the lyrics are a little changed on the “kindelum” CD, and the “Head, shoulders, elbow and heel”?

If the CD card does not have a lyric author or arranger name, then unknown may be appropriate.
If a CD card has a lyric author or arranger name written on it, is it appropriate to write the name of the person?
But the singing is the Nameless children. umm…

To be honest, I support [unknown] in the mood.
But let’s look at other examples instead of feeling.

So, “Monty Python’s Spamalot” is “Artist:John Du Prez & Eric Idle”, and each track Artist wrote “Ensemble”,“The Company”,"[theatre]".

and now, I surprised.
Sesame Street’s Theme song “Sunny Days” is not written “Release artist” as “Joe Raposo”.
“Release artist” is written as “Sesame street”.

Wow! How to get to?

Wait, we are talking about the performing artists here, not the writers. This means it is not so clear if the artist is unknown.


I can understand the recording titles being set to [unknown], but what about the release itself? Both types of edits were voted down. It seems appropriate to allow the release to be set to “Kindermusik” at minimum, even if the actual tracks are not given an artist credit.

Based on this comment of yours:

““Kindermusik” certainly sounds like just a description of children’s music, but it’s a real trademarked name.
The Kindermusik company records and distributes their own material. Many of the songs are based on traditional and classical works, but most are original.”

If this company/group creates the music, and they release it credited to the company/group, I would be in favour of the albums and songs being credited to them just like with any other group.
But I would make a very good annotation to make it clear - you’ll be doing a lot of tidying when other people add things to that group incorrectly :slight_smile:

edit: tagging in @Kid_Devine @paulakreuzer and @CyberSkull because they’re included in the edits you’ve referenced


If that is true then I agree with Kindermusik being it’s own artist entity, but after searching for at least 10 minutes I couldn’t find a single sentence on their website corroborating that notion.

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I also can’t find any information that suggests Kindermusik needs to be an artist. What I look for is any information that needs to be stored in MusicBrainz with an Artist relationship (performance, production, writing, etc.).
If the only purpose that the Kindermusik artist is serving is to group together some releases, then I think it should be merged away again, since the Kindermusik label is already doing that.


If it looks like an artist and quacks like an artist, it’s an artist.

I don’t understand the opposition to work for hire corporate artists.

If we know it says Kindemusik, why not use it?


Ok, I will do some digging to see if I can find a public source explaining how the organization produces their material.

Sorry,I am confused you with ambiguous sentences.
I will explain my intention.

Because shepherdzdog is trying to include not only “Label” but “Release information”'s “Artist” and “track artists”.
I already pointed out that ‘Nameless children’ is performing, not lyrics and arranger.
It is the purpose of what I said in a way that shifted the scope.

There were no problems if the children had something in their name.
Like the ‘Vienna boys choir’.

Apparently I think that the discussion is similar to that of the movie.
Who is the “Four Minutes” movie (2007) artist?
Is it ‘Chris Kraus’?
I think ‘Hannah Herzsprung’ and ‘Monica Bleibtreu’ are artists.
Who are the artists of “Labyrinth” movie (1986)?
I think that it is ‘David Bowie’ and ‘Jennifer Connelly’.
It will not be that of ‘George Lucas’ which was the top production director.
But what about “Star Wars”?
When we look at the whole series, someone may say that it belongs to ‘George Lucas’.

Perhaps “Kindermusik” may be a creative team, or music project group using children’s voices as instruments?.
If so, we may call “Kindermusik” a artist, or group of artists.
Since we do not record the nickname attached to the instrument used by the artist, in theory it will be no problem.

But now I am skeptical. If anything, mine is close to the opinion of Kid_Devine.