Propagate changes to tracklists from recording?

How do I make changes I’ve made in one release’s tracklist to the others in the same release group?
Or better yet, to all uses of the recording?


Alright I just voted for that

Wouldn’t this use be completely dependant on the coverart showing the tracklist for each specific Release being a match?

And that if there is no match then the propagation would not be in line with style guidelines?


Wouldn’t the style guidelines want typos or mistakes on the cover art corrected?

Another use case is fixing all of the feat. listed in title in one go.

Being different does not always mean a mistake.

BTW, recording length is now computed from tracks.
IMO, artist list and recording title should also be computed from tracks:

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Yeah I know that. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a way to save our editors some time.

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Can you give an example of this? Define average in the context of text

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Maybe I haven’t made myself clear.

This is a nonissue. Let me explain: I’m imagining a system that presents a list of tracks linked to the same recording with a checkbox next to each. Then the user can select whether or not the changes should be propagated. In the case where the change should not, maybe there is some other stylistic difference that the cover art contains. Regardless the presentation of the list makes the editor aware of other tracks and the editor can click on each and make any other needed changes while still keeping within the style of the cover art.

This doesn’t solve the problem at hand. Unless I’m missing something about recordings, they don’t directly affect the track information used by Picard anyways. I couldn’t care less what the title of the recording was: let it be a Unique ID.

To both of you:
Have you been editing a track that is linked to in multiple releases and release groups and then noticed that the change you just made needs to be made in almost all of the other releases? I’m looking for a way to not have to manually edit each tracklist.

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I’m happy with this as long as the Edit Note for each Tracktitle changed includes something like “Checked against coverart of this Release”. Without such an Edit Note I’d have no confidence that the edit was following style guidelines.


Well I would suggest the earliest official release title and artist list (maybe with an exception if 99% is consistently something else). :slight_smile:

Maybe for artist list, we could append all found artists. It’s just a dynamic display anyway.

Most often I only edit the release I own, that I want to edit, that I have in hands.
Most of the time, I don’t want to loose time with the other tracklists, because I would have to check the existence of each back covers, etc.

I don’t believe in editing tracks from recording page. My philosophy is to edit a release. :wink: