Problems with the latest versions on music brain picard

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hi I’m new and I have a problem with the latest versions of music brain picard, specifically from versions 2.5 the program does not save me the tags, and especially if there are songs already found it tells me save the songs and if I try to save them again I deletes the cover and does not save me the tags anyway, how can I do to solve the problem what is the problem? I’m not very familiar with these things

What operating system are you running?

Do you have “clear existing tags” activated?

What kind of files are you saving? How do you tell the tags are not saved?


hi i am using windows 10 professional 64 bit

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in options if I go to tag in the line “before tagging” I find the check put on delete existing tags, you say that this is it?the files I save are in mp3 format.i know the tags are not saved because when i save them all and close picard the next time those same tags i saved before they are not there and i have to start over and then when i use the music player i have (groove music) things like cover, album, title, year etc etc in multiple songs disappear

If you have “clear existing tags” set Picard would remove existing cover art.

But I am confused because you both say cover art gets removed and tags are not saved, and that is not possible both at the same time.

Do you have “save tags to files” active? That needs to be set. Also you should disable “clear existing tags” unless you really know you need it.

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hi, now i have disabilitate “clear existing tags” and many times the cover arts and tags are how removed but not always, maybe i remember wrong, i’m not very good with these things, but about the saving the tags how i can resolve?

p s: thank’s you for your help