Problems entering new album

I have an audio cd and is not recognized by MuzicBrainz database.
I want to add this release manualy but I can not.
I followed the steps and at the end I receive an error message

> Some errors were detected in the data you’ve entered. Click on the tabs shaded red and correct any visible errors.

Is the a solution for this bug?

Notice how your first screenshot has a green background for the release artist? The background for each of the track artists in your 3rd screenshot (Tracklist) should also be green. You need to pick the right artist(s) for each track.

This is not a bug - you just haven’t selected artists for the tracks. You need to search and pick (or create!) the appropriate artists, not just enter the names. Once each track has an actual selected artist, it should allow you to send the info. For tracks 5 and 6, you might need to select more than one artist (unless these are duos): you can do that by clicking “Edit” by the artist field.

I have a similar problem. “Some errors were detected in the data you’ve entered. Click on the highlighted tabs and correct any visible errors.” It seems to be telling me that there is a problem with the track list, but I think that everything is correct.

All the names are artists in the MusicBrainz database.

Thanks for any help.

Where those names in the track list are still white it means they are not found on the search.

Notice how it says “I Got You by” is blank?

Click the SEARCH magnifying glass to find Shayna, tick the box to Change All Artists that match, and hit DONE.

Now all the boxes will go Green.

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I see what you mean now. Clicking the little magnifying glass turns them green.
I should note that all these names were filled in when I got to this page, because I imported them from some stub that MusicBrainz gave me. I figured that since the “Artist in MusicBrainz” field was filled in, it had found the artist in the database already, when in fact the interface had just filled in the search field for me, but not done the search.

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