Problem adding the music videos in Kodi through site

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i have seen in Kodi forums that this site has a big share in handling all countries Artist and there songs nfo’s etc.
I am from India i have huge collection of K-Pop songs i have sorted them in such a way that every Artist/Group Songs are in each Folder For Example : AOA Songs in AOA Folder some of them did got scanned easily and some i renamed after seeing the names from here but many of them aren’t beeing scanned even if i copy the name from here one Example is AOA’s New Album Bingle Bangle , i have its title Song Bingle Bangle and it just don’t search for Bingle Bangle.

Have you used Picard to add the MusicBrainz IDs to your tracks?

You need to update the tags in the files themselves for KODI to better identify your music.

can you help bro in it idk its my first time coming to the site

These should get you started:

thanks you pal so much i will try to do it <3 :smiley: thank you very much again

Bro there is one Kpop Group 2NE1 i have only 2 Songs of it and one song is easily recognized and the other is not idk i have tried clustered looked up in browser it shows that it is there when i click on it just brings it into software but after that no green tick comes and cannot even save it

A Song By Dara & CL - Kiss it is if you search it in MusicBrainz u get this result 산다라 feat. CL - Kiss

i have selected in software that it renames it that way but it still doesn’t even save it and no green ticks comes :frowning:

well i tried for Alan Walker and it actually renamed them with new names but now none of them comes inside Kodi :slight_smile: earlier i was able to get Spectre , Faded , Alone in it atleast :frowning:. If someone can help me then please help !!! reply on the post or email me

I Tried more songs guys it just gets the green tick inside musicbrainz tool and saves it at another folder and then i copied that to my HDD and even after it says Unable to connect to remote server and sometimes if it does then nothing happen it just dont get into my library help please :frowning:

When you change the tags you need to remove the files from KODI (physically move the files out of KODI’s sight), go to KODI \ Settings and Run a Clean Music Library, then put your freshly tagged files back into place, and do a new scan.

I am running out to a client now, but I’ll try and help later or tomorrow on this once I get some free time.

well i did the same i removed all files its just it says to me “Remote Server Not Connecting” after 1-2 tries it takes it i did all of them through which also supports musicbrainz api :smiley: , right i now i have small issue that how can i add some albums as there are some missing here too.

For Example B3nte , BassKillers music with KSHMR isn’t here

I am not sure what you have written. It has lost something in translation.

I think you are saying you have got much of this working now.

If albums are missing, then Picard will help to upload the details from your CD to the MusicBrainz database. For unusual releases like yours it is not surprising that there are a few holes in the MB database. Which is where all of us users come in as we all drop something in at some stage. :slight_smile: