Preventing damage to database by misdirected editors by auto-subscribing stable editors of all entities?

IvanDobsky started a thread titled

The main focus was about how the bad edits could be repaired.

Another element of repairing bad edits briefly touched on in the above thread is spotting bad edits reliably/quickly.
To this end: could subscribing to edited entities be automated (with opt-out available) such that editing an entity results in an auto-addition to a auto-generated Subscription category?

Artists that an Editor adds to the database seem to end up in the personal “Artist Subscriptions” already.


You can set your preferences:

Edit: Or you can simply, like me, subscribe to your collection.


I use the subscribe to my own collection method but wish there was a way to ignore and not show my edits in the list.


For this we need either one of my long awaited complement to great feature “subscribe to collection”:

  • MBS-3922: Edit search: Filter edits by collections
  • MBS-8500: Allow filtering edits on collection subscriptions

What I use in the meantime is go to my collection edits page with two user scripts activated:

  • Ctrl+Click one of my edits to collapse them all (POWER VOTE) and
  • There is a red bar that shows me my last reviewed edit (LAST_SEEN_EDIT from SUPER TURBO).