Post cover art or booklet?

I’m preparing to upload a CD cover. It’s actually the cover to a booklet and I’ve scanned all 20 pages. I can gather the pages together in a PDF and upload that or upload separate pages + the back of the CD. I can’t find any reference to which format is preferred. If I used the PDF would I also upload a separate cover to use as the actual cover art? Thanks!

I suggest a mix of both.
Having the front and the spine and the back of the release as separate images would be good.
(A separate image of the actual medium/front-side of the CD if you can make one successfully too.)
And if there is only one detailed tracklist in the booklet then that as separate image/s too please.
If there are multiple tracklists (one for each different language) in the booklet maybe just pick the most accessible language and have separate images for it?

The booklet in a single PDF works well I think.

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Read this guide. Here’s an example of how cover art should be presented. One image per each element. Better PNG or JPG than PDF.

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I prefer individual images too - but if you’re creating pdf booklets for personal preference I think some people would appreciate you uploading them as well

Thanks for your replies. I’ll go ahead and post the images as described in the guidelines and the pdf booklet, too.


Do you add “Front” or “Back” to the medium or not?
As type or as comment?

I don’t, because it’s evident where’s the CD’s front and where is its back.

For a second I liked your idea of doing ‘Medium, Front’ and ‘Medium, Back’, but ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ have a special meaning in the system reserved for the front and back faces of the CD package.