Possible to order by track number without adding track number to filename?

I’m new to scripting and my google-fu is turning up little on how to achieve this.

What I’m looking to do is have my files organized simply as Artist/Album/Song which I have done, but the files are ordered alphabetically. I would like the songs ordered by track number without the track number being added to the filename of the song.

This is what I am currently using: %albumartistsort%/%album%/%title%

If you play your files with this or that player, you may be able to sort them by metadata (track tag), like foobar2000.
But I guess you should better name your files with numbers as only few players will do that right away.

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You don’t say “where” you want to sort them. As Jesus said, if you’re talking about in your player, you’d have to look into whether your player can do that.

If you mean in Windows, you should be able to sort by track number (called “#” in the column headers) natively.


I should have explained better. The music is for the media unit in my vehicle, it reads the files in folders however they happen to be organized on the thumb drive I use.

So what I’m looking for a way to organize the files by track number as picard saves them into an artist then album folder. All I need is to have the files arranged in the album folder by their track number, but without the track number included in the filename.

I just don’t want the track number in the filename due to the display area in my vehicle being rather limited.I know this is super noob stuff, I’m just starting to get my head around the scripting for picard.

If it does not already work, you cannot do otherwise than save track numbers in file names because Picard is already saving track numbers in the right field and apparently your player is not sorting thanks to them.

Usually though the players display the title field, not the file name, so you can do try to go with file name contains track number.


No Tagging program can set a “file order” for a FAT32 or NTFS file system on that USB stick.

It is one of the frustrations of many media players - especially in cars. They are painfully stupid basic as to how they support file tags. (Especially FLAC) It is annoying when you spend many thousands on an expensive car - and then find it acts as a total idiot with music files.

I’ve seen some bad media players work on the order you copy the files onto the stick!

What make is this car or the specific audio gear in the car?

You will just have to experiment. As @jesus2099 says you should be able to name the file with the numbers in the front, and then make sure the track names in the tag are clean for the car’s display.

Some of the media players I use are a headache with multi-disk audiobooks. if I copy the files straight to the car it will play disk 1 track 1, disk 2 track 1, disk 3 track 1, disk 1 track 2, disk 2 track 2, disk 3 track 2… stupid…

Some experimenting came down to using track numbers with the disk no embedded into it. So track 101, 102… 201, 202,… 301, 302,… etc. This means in my case I have to copy files out of my media collection onto a USB stick. Then edit them on the stick to make the “car compliant”. Then take that stick to the car.