Possible script problem?

I’m not sure if I’m having a problem from a script or if my computer has a virus. I’ve already run my virus program on both my PC and Mac and nothing is showing. So maybe it’s a script I installed and do not understand what it is doing. When I press the tab button the field becomes highlighted in blue. I do not like that and it causes problems for me. So if this is part of a script, can you tell me which one so I can delete it. Thanks for reading this long explanation!! :slight_smile:

Please tell in which page it happens?
Paste the URL.

One place is my google homepage https://www.google.com/ I use both Firefox and Edge on PC…Mac I use Firefox and Chrome.

Disable your (Violent/Grease/Tamper)monkey userscript extension/add-on and see if it still happens.
If not, then it’s because of one of your userscripts.
Enable them one by one to see which one bugs you.