Plugin Request: Max Files Added

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or let us know what Picard plugin you couldn’t live without!

Thanks for that. I have a rather large music collection that is not organized in any way, just dumped into one folder. Several duplicates with different file types and most without tags of any kind. Problem is, MusicBrainz Picard can’t handle hundreds of thousands of files, totally understandable. I can’t find an easy way to search, filter, sort, whatever a good number of files to add into MusicBrainz Picard (If anyone has an idea I’ve overlooked please let me know! I’m running windows and most of the files are numbers.).

What I’d really like is a plugin that would limit the number of files you could add into MusicBrainz Picard at one time. Either that or I could add an arbitrary number of files and have MusicBrainz Picard remove anything over a specified limit before processing them.

I hope this is pretty simple, but I don’t know how well the plugin API is and I don’t see much documentation to make my own. I’m hoping someone with enough know how can easily knock this out.

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This ticket might be worth a vote/looking at?