Plugin development - imports

I have been a long time Picard user but now I would like to start doing some plugin development. I am a long time S/W engineer and DBA, but Python is completely new to me.

What resources (imports) do I have available in the plugin? The one thing I do need is to import sqlite3.

When I try to import, the debug log has an ImportError: No module names sqlite3

My Python installation has it installed and it imports fine, but I don’t have access to that when I’m running in Picard.

Any tips are appreciated!



If you use the Windows and I think also the OSX installer Picard will bring it’s own Python libraries with only the modules included Picard uses. Everything else is unavailable. On Linux the system wide Python version is used, so you have everything available there.

That makes sense. That means that it is possible to have plugins that are Linux only, which we would need to be careful about.

Does that mean the only way to use a new library (for all platforms) would be to ask the Picard developers to include it in the app? That might be a hard sell!