Please scan (complete!) booklets as PDF-files!

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I cannot understand why someone sits there and meticulously adds data to the MusicBrainz database when adding a new release (even starts a discussion whether the conductor or the orchestra should be mentioned first or last – yes, I look at you @IvanDobsky!), and then lets us without cover scans or just a few random pages from the booklet. Why not scan the complete(!) booklet and upload it as a nice PDF-file? (iTunes and its replacement Apple Music are for example perfectly capable of handling and tagging and keeping PDF-files together with the respective album!) And don’t forget front and back cover, is that asked too much?

The reasons are many and passive-aggressive much?


I would call it frustration.

Sure, but pointing fingers doesn’t help, and there are editors who don’t have the physical disc and are still able to provide missing data. Best not to get into that.


In the comments he offered to scan the other languages/pages if requested.

Because it takes too much time.
I have scanned only 1% of my added releases or, in the releases I own, only 3%.

I guess it is not random pages, it is certainly a page that gathers full credits or a page that shows some difference between this edition and another.

In my case, the rare cases when I had to scan my releases were often for disambiguation purpose.


Can we send you the booklets and you will scan, edit and upload them?

Your understanding of the importance of full booklet scans gives me confidence that you’d do a great job with them.


Ok, maybe I’m in a privileged position by owning a ScanSnap, which makes it a matter of seconds to scan a booklet in high quality with OCR. But even before that I always took the time to scan booklets while waiting for the CD to be ripped.

And perhaps I should have limited my appeal to classical music. In booklets of classical music there are often times interesting essays about the composers’ lives, the genesis of the works, resumes of the performers, information about the used instruments and lyrics. And last but not least is the paperwork of a CD the first and genuine source of information about the music on this CD – without it you just have bits and bytes and need a tagging database like MusicBrainz for retrieving information about your music. – Oh, wait! Where did MusicBrainz get the information from? Right! From the booklet/covers. Who entered the information into the database? Some random guy somewhere in the world. Should I trust him that he did it meticulously? Maybe, but a complete scan of all the paperwork would give me the opportunity to proofread and correct his work – four eyes see more than two. We all would benefit from that and many discussions would be obsolet with the original information at hand.

To achieve what? A definitive, indisputable, reliable entry in the database that never will be touched or improved or doubted, because all the information is there once and for all? – Sorry, my impression is, that there is soooo much time waisted here in discussions about the right way to tag a certain album, that providing all paperwork in the first place would have saved whole lifespans in man-years for us all. However, this would also require the insight, that the guidelines and the user interface are quite irrational at the moment … So, I fear MB will share the fate of all other tagging databases: to become a giant mess and irrelevant sooner or later.

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Stop whining. Not everybody has the same amount of time, nor the inclination or the means to add everything to the very last detail. That’s why, when you add a release, the only information you really have to fill in are the artist and the release title. Everything else is a bonus. No user has an obligation to do more, and certainly not to you.


Agreeing 100%, everyone can contribute where it matters the most! Digitizing is not easy, requires handling etc. Contribute, collaborate, help each other, but above all have fun.


That’s exactly the reason why is such a huge success, isn’t it? — What? They quit service last month? Who could have guessed?

Magix never explain the reason for this shutdown. Can we really deduce anything from that?

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You know as well as I that has always been a mess. Or why do you think there was a need for MusicBrainz at all? But with the same attitude you’ll get the same results, won’t you?

Yes, because there was no voting control system like MB. Oh, wait voting what is it :thinking:

No one is perfect, we don’t get ahead by blaming other people… In short, everyone contributes here as they wish. I think we all have the same goal, to make it better, so let’s move forward.


I see only one person with an attitude problem here. :laughing:

Anyway, freedb never went beyond the simplest basics it offered from a simpler time when Geocities was high-tech. With MusicBrainz you can add so much more, and many people do, without some random dude trying to coerce them. Because that kind of attitude only gets results in your dreams.


My first post wasn’t meant as blaming, rather as an appeal. (You can see it on the use of the word “Please” in the heading.) The mention of @IvanDobsky was just a little side blow because his thread triggered me to start my thread.

And with that “voting control as an advantage over” you can’t be serious, can you? That voting system is just a helpless attempt to gloss over the results of irrational guidelines and the inconclusive UI. With clear and intelligible guidelines and a UI which lets no room for interpretation, there would be no need for voting or even a forum! I always think how much better this whole database could be if anyone had put some thoughts into its construction …

Do you have any idea how much remarks such as these reveal about your character?

Go on, keep blaming others on their attitudes.
It will be a very good lesson for other members and users how not to be(have).


“Oh, let’s not be rude by questioning the status quo! Let’s just keep trying to fix the broken system incrementally – regardless how much time and effort (and collateral damage!) it may cost …”
Sounds awkwardly familiar – isn’t that the way how Americans have run their country for decades now?

Edit: I’ve worked hard for my character in its current state, of course I don’t mind revealing it, I’m proud of it!

This is getting funnier and funnier.

Almost a pity this thread is probably going to be locked soon.