Please help with file renaming

Dear friends,
I have a fairly sized Music directory I created many years ago. It only contains full albums I’ve ripped from my physical library and then all of the files have proper metadata thanks to Picard and MB.

The directories I already have under Music are named as:
Track NN Titleofthetrack.filetype

of course if I have more than one album for an artist they will all live under the relevant Artist’s name

The only exception to this are albums with Various Artists. In this case the Albums are all living under a Various Artists fictional artist with the Album name under it. Under the album each track is Track NN ArtistName - Titleoftrack.filetype

I tried making my own script and also downloading some from here but have horribly mangled one directory (the pasted script created a first level single capital letter (e.g. S for Shostakovic) under which it has created a badly truncated artist name (e.g. Shostak) and then an odd album name.

I would really appreciate some help. Thank you in advance.

PS As a side note I am not sure on how to handle the dozen or so albums which I cannot find on Picard but this is less urgent

This is actually pretty close to the default :smiley:

I would suggest you try to reset the file naming script to the default and try it, then see what you would like to see changed and do the changes.

The only difference the default naming script has to your suggestions is that it will have the disc number before the track number if the number of total discs is more than one.

If you actually don’t want the disc numbers your naming script could be as simple as:

$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)/%album%/$num(%tracknumber%,2) $if(%_multiartist%,%artist% - )%title%

Aw thank you very much. I was misled by a weird disc on which I was experimenting.