Please help, newbie dummy problem, Track now shows up twice in list


Am getting really frustrated :cry: :confused: now, because I worked all day so hard trying to improve my pages and my edits and now at this page

The soundtrack ā€œDreamsā€ shows up twice, at the list ā€œinstrument arrangerā€, while I did not enter it twice, I only tried to relate the work to the recordingā€¦ please can somebody help me?
I studied tutorials in documentation but still cannot solve my dummy problemsā€¦ :worried:


This is because you linked the artist to both the recording ā€œDreamsā€ and the work ā€œDreamsā€. If the ā€œinstrument arrangerā€ relationship to the recording is redundant, then you can edit the recording to remove this relationship. Note that such edit will not be immediately applied.


Thank you @Yvanz for your reply! But, as Anita Samsom is the music arranger of both the work and the recording, I would like to keep the ā€œinstruments arrangerā€ at the recording. I think I made some stupid mistake because I saw a red button to add link and clicked that, probably that caused the problem and it said after I clicked it, that it now is a new recording but that is not true it is still the same old recordingā€¦ Oh well, maybe best is that I should wait a few days until my edits all are accepted and then check the remaining mistakes and make a list of them and then try to fix?

By the way thank you for telling me to cancel #41324549 I just did and hope it worked because somehow (though I cleared cache) I still can reach itā€¦ what a problems, I feel such a dummy!

Thank you for your help!! Happy Weekend to you!!


UPDATE: thank you @Yvanz for all your edit notes, I just did what you suggested, cancelled that edits :slight_smile: Good night to you! :sleepy: