Please help! "make it so!" in options not working (no changes saved)

I just got into MusicBrainz today, and tried to customize some of the settings available.

However, any changes I make to the options will be undone once i click cancel (clicking make it so! does nothing).

I tried to change file naming to simply <%artist%/%title%> which is supposed to simply create a file for each artist, and dump all the songs belonging to that artist inside it.

I also tried to untick “recursively add files and folders from directory” under advanced options.

Every time I press “make it so!”, i was either brought back to the file naming options, or nothing happens at all.

Please help!

Using Picard to rename is not my forte. Maybe we can get you moving though.

Does clicking “Make It So!” take you to the main Picard window?

If yes then click on “Save” in the main Picard window.
How are we going?

If the window doesn’t save and close maybe something with your wrong? Could you provide a screenshot of the files naming options when it does not save?


I have the same problem “make it so” doesn’t store any changes in the settings. I’m using Picard 1.4.2 on macOS 10.13.4.

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