(PL) e-Muzyka - add as label?

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As part of adding additional information about the CD Projekt Red (CDPR) Cyberpunk 2077 music by the in-universe band SAMURAI, I noticed that the YouTube ContentID music versions (example) indicate “Provided to YouTube by eMuzyka”.
This is also the case for music related to CDPR’s Witcher games.

e–Muzyka S.A.


This appears to be the company CDPR is using for the distribution and ContentID. Its English-language website does have a section listing “Our labels”, but I am not sure if e-Muzyka would count as a label itself. Thoughts?

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Provided to YouTube by eMuzyka

We are the largest digital music aggregator in Poland.

https://musicbrainz.org/relationship/4f89b0a1-e135-41e4-94a7-e3d2a95f31a1 would be appropriate. I would not use it as the Release Label.


a link for posterity; thank you for your advice.