Picard woes


Scanning is a different story of course!
But importing a release from Bandcamp and adding the cover art can easily be done in <1 minute, if it doesn’t need (or have) further relationships or work attributes (so definitely not classical…). I would consider that a ‘full’ entry :slight_smile:


Great idea! Just for testing, to see what it does… but I’m not leaving my computer on for 6 days with the browser tab open :wink:

I followed that link and it leads to a page with 78 pages of releases! And this is with advanced search!? I scanned quite a few 8-10-page lists and my eyes hurt. No wonder I couldn’t find my album.


And what’s an auto-editor? I read somewhere—here or on another thread—that auto-editors will jump in and complete your edits, or something.

Well, I was so determined to get my albums in that I just jumped in and entered them lol After the first dozen or so aerozol appeared and helped me get a handle on some things I was having difficulty with, but that didn’t stop me: I just went back and made the necessary corrections to my previous edits.

I had looked at the guidelines, a little, but when I saw how much there was to read, I just scanned it and jumped in. Better to have the albums in the database than not to have them in, I thought. This is a community project and someone will come along and ‘adjust’ my work, if necessary. And so @reosarevok appeared with lots of tips and help :slight_smile: He corrected some of my stylistic errors and asked me to change many on my own. I learned as I went along.

Maybe someone will disagree, but I don’t think you can really “break something” if you stick to the album title, artist, label, catalogue and barcode numbers, etc. It is really pretty self-explanatory and if someone sees what you’ve done and isn’t happy about it, they’ll appear on one of your edits one day and tell you what you need to do to correct to get it right.


Someone who can apply any edit automatically without any voting period. MB equivalent of Superman (of whatever gender).

Of course I should have said "could make SOME newbie editors…":grinning:


One thing I still struggle with is adding disc ids- especially a missing disc id for an existing release.
If I have the cd in the drive and the release on screen it would be great to have a button like the tagger button.


I didn’t do ANY disc ids :frowning: I suppose that’s something I really COULD do down the road. I don’t have to panic about it, like I did with the tagging. The tagging was VERY important to me, as I wanted to be able to enjoy my collection again, right now, like I used to enjoy it when I was placing CDs on the player drawer tray. Disc ids don’t really have any immediate benefit to me, but, should I (or anyone) need to (re-)rip a disc, they will surely get an IMMEDIATE identification. Shouldn’t they!?


I decided to give disc ids a try. I inserted the first classical CD in my collection, Albinoni performed by I Musici and Heinz Holliger on Philips, into the CD drive. I opened picard and clicked lookup CD (or whatever that’s called). My disc spun for a bit and then some tracks appeared ont he right (no files in them, since I didn’t have files in the middle pane). This was the album, but not my release. I clicked lookup in browser and saw the correct album, but a reisse of about 3 years later. I decided to do this correctly, so I added a release and filled out the Catalogue Number and Barcode, even added a cover image, which were all different from the otherwise identical reissue alreayd in MB. I checked and my release did not have a disc id, but the other release did. I went back to picard and looked up the CD again. Again, only the reissue showed up, but not my release, so I went back to the browser and it asked if I wanted to add a disc id. I saw a number displayed at thetop of the screen. I was given a choice of the 2 releases and I chose the one I had just created. The number was entered. Then, out of curiosity, I compared the disc ids of the 2 releases and they were identical!!?? Is that possible? Did my disc id get put into both releases? I know I didn’t add it to the reissue, but only to my release. Did the original editor put my cd into the wrong release? That’s plausible, since it’s so old and barely any records of its existence are on the web (I found a store in France that lists it as unavailable, but it has the correct cover and Catalogue Number, etc.).

So, did I do this correctly, or not? It is very confusing. I will get this one corrected, but that’s my discid for today! lol This is really a lot of hassle. I didn’t expect to have to enter more releases and have to go to web sites looking for cover images :frowning: :smiley:


Yes, quite possible. Perhaps even likely if the tracks on the discs have the same recordings on them.


That makes sense. I’ll try a few more over the next few days and monitor.


You can check the edit history of the release and have a look, and even ask the editor in a note on the edit!
A lot of people don’t bother to add new releases like you did, so it’s likely they just added the id to the only release they found. Even so, the disc id might be the same anyway.


It sounds like you did the right thing.

It’s reasonably likely that a reissue will have the same disc ID. It may even be an identical disc (as far as what’s on the data/audio side). No reason for a label to pay someone to make a new master when they’ve already got one.

BTW: disc IDs are based only on the times on the disc—the precise track start/times. So sometimes completely unrelated, clearly different discs will wind up with the same disc ID.


But notice all the Bernstein Mahler 1sts are up top (that’s the search I linked to—“symphony no. 1” by Mahler and Bernstein ("symphony no. 1" arid:8d610e51-64b4-4654-b8df-064b0fb7a9d9 arid:fa39bc82-9b27-4bbb-9425-d719a72e09ac, the two arid UUIDs are Mahler and Bernstein—you can find it in the URL for their artist pages.) It gives 78 pages of results, but you only need to look at the first few.

(And yes, search here definitely could use some improvement, to put it lightly).


To illustrate my problem (if I am being merely stupid, perhaps someone could enlighten me - I’ve read the help at https://musicbrainz.org/doc/How_to_Add_Disc_IDs).
I put a CD (in fact this one https://musicbrainz.org/release/204f546a-0381-4052-a068-20322925a2e7) in my CD drive. I click “look up CD” and the DiscID is not in MB so I click “look up manually” and it takes me to this page https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/attach?id=ON6Cj.RfASOHrqvmPah4w5ajp4Q-&tracks=7&toc=1+7+216825+150+32531+53532+80052+128560+148034+180879&tport=8001
This just has general information. I know the release is in MB, so all I want to do is attach the DiscID to it. The only sensible link seems to be “Submit this CD using the simple method” - sounds great! I click that and I get https://musicbrainz.org/cdstub/ON6Cj.RfASOHrqvmPah4w5ajp4Q-
Now what? “Add disc ID to an existing release” sounds like what I’m trying to do. Click that and it just takes me back to the previous page - going round in circles now!
I can search for the release and find it, but the discID section does not seem to be editable.

I do the whole process again. This time https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/attach?id=ON6Cj.RfASOHrqvmPah4w5ajp4Q-&tracks=7&toc=1+7+216825+150+32531+53532+80052+128560+148034+180879&tport=8001 gives me a completely different screen with the TOC listed and the following “A CD Stub was found that matches the disc ID you provided. If the below tracklist appears correct, you may use it as a starting point as a new MusicBrainz release”. But I don’t want to enter a new release. Clicking “Search by release” yields nothing so I enter the MBID, which I know, but that doesn’t work either, so I enter the full release title - HURRAH I get the screen that looks like the one in the Help. I add the discID and finally we are done.
But seriously, am I going to do this every time just so the automatic lookup will work for the next person…?


It’s a bit odd, but once you’re at https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/attach?id=ON6Cj.RfASOHrqvmPah4w5ajp4Q-&tracks=7&toc=1+7+216825+150+32531+53532+80052+128560+148034+180879&tport=8001 start your search by artist or release, for example search by “Robert Schumann” and it will give you something like https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/attach?toc=1+7+216825+150+32531+53532+80052+128560+148034+180879&filter-artist.query=robert+schumann

Now comes the part that screws most people up. Select the radio button next to the desired name and NOT the name link itself. For example, selecting the radio button for the first name on the list (the composer) and clicking “Select” brings up https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/attach?toc=1+7+216825+150+32531+53532+80052+128560+148034+180879&filter-artist.query=robert+schumann&artist=32513 which is a list of all the releases which match the number of tracks on the media you’re trying to link. Now you can select the radio button next to the desired release / media and click the “Attach CD TOC” button at the bottom of the page. If you can’t find it in the list, you have the option of adding a new release.


Put the CD into the optical drive while Picard is running and then click “Lookup CD” and a little information box will pop up. It will either contain a release or numerous releases or be empty. If you are sure that one of the listed releases is the exact one you have, you can highlight it and it will open in the right panel of Picard. You can check it by clicking on it and then selecting “Lookup in Browser” on the Picard menu.

Often, different releases of the same album will (appear to) have the same disc ID as yours; or people will have entered their disc ID to the wrong release, so Picard might display a release that is not the one you have.

If clicking “Lookup CD” turns up an empty information box or none of the listings are your release or you want to be absolutely certain by examining the various releases before applying your disc ID, then click the middle button, “Lookup manually”. If your disc ID is already known to MusicBrainz, a browser tab will open showing the album your disc ID matches with, as well as a “Submit by the Simple Method” option. If you already are logged in to MusicBrainz, then you will also see 2 search boxes, “Search by Artist” and “Search by Release”. To do this properly (that’s why you’re on this forum, right?), you want to be logged in.

Copy and paste the release title (or type a variation that might turn up other possibilities—sometimes releases have titles in many languages or different spellings are used; a leading ‘the’ and other words may be present or omitted; subtitles might be present or omitted; artists’ names may or may not appear in the title, such as in “Ella sings Ellington”, etc) into the “Search by Release” search box and click enter.

Likewise, if you feel that “Search by Release” might not produce a match or produce too many matches; or you feel that you can more easily locate the release by “Search by Artist”, then follow the same procedure.

The browser will remember your disc ID (you can click previous and next page on the browser and it will still remember your disc ID, if you need to check back), so click search.

If an error is displayed (very confusing), then there is only one release that matches your search term and MusicBrainz already has your disc ID (this will be the album that was shown on the first page above the search boxes). This is confusing, but it appears that this is how the system informs you that it cannot add the same disc ID again. To be sure, retry this disc in a few hours.

Most of the time, though, you will be taken to a page that shows all of the releases that have release titles or artists that match your search terms from the previous step (if you did a “Search by Artist”, there will be an intermediate page where you have to select from a number of artists that are the same or similar to the one you entered).

You will notice that each of these entries has a dot beneath it (and, optionally, the disc number) and at the bottom of the list it has “Attach CD TOC”. Make sure you select, by ticking the correct button, the disc from the album you are submitting the disc ID for (sometimes more than one disc from an album will have exactly the same number of tracks). You will see that the release titles and artists are links, so you can open them in a new browser tab, if you want to check more closely. When you are satisfied, click the “Attach CD TOC” button.

If you either do not see your exact release listed, or you learned, by opening the release title or artist links that none of the releases shown were your release, you may add a new release. There is a button at the very bottom of the page to do this (I have never tried it).

What I find best to do is to open a new browser tab (while keeping the one with your disc ID open in the background). Create a new release (and release group, if necessary—the group will be created automatically, if there is not at least one release already). Once you are satisfied with the editing of the new release that exactly describes the CD you have, save it. Even though you have to wait 6 days for edits to be applied, it is already there!

Now, return to the background tab where you have the incomplete or unacceptable search results—the tab where your disc ID is (apparently) being remembered—and click the previous page button. Then, just run the search again, and this time you will see the very same list that you got before, but the new release you just created will also be in the list!

There you go: you can add your disc ID to the release you only created minutes ago… and you’re done (with that CD; make sure you submit a disc ID for each disc in the album)!

Just added a release not yet in MB...need direction